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Fun Jungle themed yoga class for kids…

I put together a really fun jungle themed yoga class for kids.  I must admit that it wasn’t about about a tiger but about a Lion and a Mouse instead. I’ve used it a couple of times.  I’ve learnt from it which I’d like to share with you.

The Inspiration for the class

Using Aesop’s Fables as my inspiration, I created an engaging and fun yoga class to explain the importance of friendship and being kind to one another.

The jungle yoga themed class format

I read my students the tale while they were relaxing and breathing with their jungle friends.

Then we started our warm up when we packed our bags for the jungle. We put a pair of binoculars, compass and the all important sandwich in our bag ready for our trip.

Then we got our energy going with a Lion’s Breath pose and used the story as our inspiration to create some fun poses.

The children also came up with some ideas for animals that we might find on safari or in the jungle.

As a bit of fun I threw in a couple of songs. And we made great use of some percussion instruments that I bought recently in Lidl! We tied it all into movement. 

Finally we worked our way to the ground and to our final relaxation. I’m not going to lie here… the kids found it hard to switch off this week so I’m going to take some learnings out of that.

I played the game Sleeping Lions with them which is great for getting them ready to relax. But unfortunately in one class the giggles set in and that was the end of that. No amount of rain sounds or gently cooing birds was going to work!

Thankfully yoga is a journey and not a final destination so we can always improve on it next week.

What did you think of my fun jungle themed yoga class for kids? What other themes could I use?

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What is your favourite book to use for creating yoga stories? I’d love to hear from you…

Jungle fun class for kids
Jungle fun class for kid’s yoga



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