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New Classes New Venue

I am thrilled to announce that I have found a new venue to run more classes and workshops for children.

I am starting a new class for parents and running workshops for children who are starting Secondary School in the autumn. They will run in Mayfield Eatery and Deli in Terenure.

The first class is called Just for Mum or Dad and Me

Description: The summer holidays have arrived. Sometimes it’s nice to try something new. Or to get just an hour together to enjoy each other’s company. This is a fun and relaxing yoga class for a parent and child (age 3 to 5). The four week course is a perfect way to spend time together on a Friday morning.

Each week we’ll have a different theme for our class, Love, Nature, Holidays, Farmyard Fun. 

The structure of the class

We start with bubble breath together on your mats.
Then a circle time chat.
A fun warm up where we get to share the things we love about each other and stretch together.
Yoga poses to start your practice together.
A yoga game.
Relaxation time.

The Benefits of the Class

The classes build confidence, concentration, help children and parents to calm themselves.

Cost and how to book your place

Four week course €60 for one adult and child.

Contact Elaine if you wish to add another child.

Dates, 26th July, 2nd, 9th and 16th August.

Contact: 087-2958174 or www.bookwhen.com/enchantedyoga or enchantedyogawithelaine@gmail.com

Preparing for Secondary School Yoga Workshop

Going from primary school to secondary school can be a really daunting time for children. Sometimes they feel like they are losing their support system, their familiar routine. To prepare for this potentially stressful time, I am running two workshops in August at Mayfield to give children the tools to use to feel confident in their new environment.

The two hour workshop will concentrate on confidence building through yoga and mindfulness exercises.It will give children ways to connect with themselves so that they can gain time inside to help reduce any anxiety they may feel about this transition to a new school.

Structure of the Workshop

We will use yoga, meditation and scrap-booking to give them tools that they can take with them on their new journey into Secondary School.

I will use Hatha Yoga. This is physical yoga, which will allow them to exercise and help them relieve stress. It will involve the use of breathing techniques, physical poses, partner work, games and relaxation.

Children will take away tools to help them build their confidence and reduce anxiety.

Cost and how to book your place

I am running two separate workshops on the 7th and 14th August.

Cost: €25 per child, per workshop

Dates: 7th and 14th August

Contact 087-2958174 or www.bookwhen.com/enchantedyoga or enchantedyogawithelaine@gmail.com

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if you are going to do the mum or dad and me classes all year around? I would be interested for weekend days or Wednesday afternoons?

    Thanks in advance


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