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Charity Family Yoga Class

As the new term of yoga classes begins this Saturday the 16th November I am running a family yoga class to support the Down Syndrome Centre.

It’s a bit of a long story but I’ll trying to tell it as quickly as I can… Two years ago I attended Mum and Baby Yoga at the elbowroom in Smithfield. There the teacher said that when my daughter was older I should continue yoga with her as it is really good to help her with some of the health issues that she faces in relation to her diagnosis. 

My daughter Síofra has Down Syndrome. 

I thought about going back to advertising. But I couldn’t see how I could balance all of Síofra’s health appointments as well as her therapy appointments and deliver the kind of Client Service that I felt was right for me in my previous role in advertising.

So last September I signed up and retrained as a yoga teacher for children. A bit of a jump! But I am always happier and healthier when I spend time on the mat. I thought why not? If I can help Síofra and help other children feel good in themselves then why not give it a try. 

And so I started Enchanted Yoga. I cannot believe that I now teach in two primary schools, a montessori, and two venues to children from the age of three and up to 12 years of age. Síofra has changed my life in so many great ways.

Along the way during my recent journey of being a Mum of a child with additional needs the Down Syndrome Centre has helped me and Síofra enormously. And in fact the wonderful Bridget who teaches baby massage also helped me come to terms with my daughter’s diagnosis. She got me to walk through the door and meet other Mums just like me. (She also unknowingly inspired me to also train as a Certified Intant Massage Instructor because I saw what an amazing support it gave to Mums) But that’s another story! 

The Down Syndrome Centre provide practical help for parents who have children with the diagnosis. Physio, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Parent support groups, Baby Massage for new Mums, they even run a playgroup to help children learn how to get ready to go to school. There’s so much focus on what our children can’t do. That it was great to go there and see what children could do. It’s a really positive place.

This Saturday (tomorrow!) I am running a charity Family Yoga class. It’s open to families who have children of all ages. It’s open to families like mine who have a child with a diagnosis (and I would say Síofra and Shay will join us on the mat… and probably all around the hall as she loves to wander around these days).

I’m charging the usual €15 for an adult and child and donating all of it to the Down Syndrome Centre.

The class is at 4.15. It lasts for 45 minutes.

The structure of the class is that we:

Practise our breathing with bubbles
Read a story together
Have a fun warm up
Play some fun yoga games
Sing a song
Tell each other we love each other lots
Snuggle up for relaxation (or Mum or Dad lies down while the children colour if they don’t want to relax)

The only thing I am asking is that people let me know if they are coming so that I have enough mats and blankets available. 

You can book as a cash booking on www.bookwhen.com/enchantedyoga or email or text me:
087 2958174

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