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Happy Teaching Birthday to Enchanted Yoga

I am celebrating my yoga teaching birthday. My first class was the 2nd March 2019. I’ll never forget the lead up. So worried that the kids would have fun, hoping that the children would learn something that would keep them interested… managing to pay the rent!!!

Yoga for Children

Since then I have had the privilege to teach in Harolds Cross National School and Stanhope Street Primary School. I have taught in Montessori at Brighton Daycare. And many private classes in Terenure at Mayfield, the War Memorial Hall, Rathfarnham and Tallaght. I have run camps with Chloe from Flair Gymnastics and Dance. I love teaching children. You learn so much from them. And while sometimes they don’t like to stay on the mat… their openess and eagerness to learn is so heartwarming.

I didn’t know it at the time but starting to teach children yoga was the first step in what has become my plan to provide families with classes to enhance their lives.

Baby Massage Courses

In September I qualified as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor. I now teach in two venues. Holy Cross Parish Centre in Dundrum and the Park Community Centre in Firhouse.

I provide support for Mums and their babies every week through baby massage classes where we also chat about many different things including what it’s like to become a parent, self-care, asking for help, the list is endless. It’s so rewarding to see women develop their confidence as new mums and experienced mums sharing their journey. It is such a joy at the end of class to have sleeping babies while their mum enjoys a cup of something hot.

Pregnancy Yoga

Yesterday I added another piece of the puzzle to my ambition. To provide families with the support that they need in our increasingly fast paced, stressful world. After months of study, training and exams I passed my pregnancy yoga teacher training.

Becoming a mother is a difficult and often thankless occupation. It is amazingly rewarding. But it is often fraught with worry, sleeplessness, balancing a career with becoming a parent. Growing a human being is no easy task. Women carry up to 50% extra blood in their body while they are pregnant. Their uterus increases from the size of an orange to a watermelon. Hormones in their body soften their bones to allow for baby to travel down the birth canal to be born. Their body produces milk. It’s amazing. But most women continue life as best they can, continuing to work inside or outside the home. They need more support.

I am thrilled to offer women classes to help strengthen their pregnant bodies. To help prepare for birth, no matter whether they have a natural birth or an assisted birth. To facilitate meeting other women in a similar situation.

I will be teaching in Terenure, Dundrum and Firhouse.

I start in Mayfield Terenure on the 21st March.

For more information about any of my classes visit www.enchantedyoga/schedule

Or email enchantedyogawithelaine@gmail.com

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