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Birth Preparation

When I was pregnant I had no idea that I should start planning my birth preparation at about six weeks prior to my due date. I’m sure lots of you are the same. From 34 weeks on is a really important time to start slowing down, focusing on your birth plan, start nesting and relax more.

Many women have stressful roles either in the office or at home. We juggle a lot. It’s important to strike a balance between managing stressful situations and feeling stressed out. Particularly as you prepare for the birth of your baby.

At 34 weeks start to schedule some ‘me-time’. Slow down, start to go to more yoga classes, embrace the fact that you are growing a human being! It’s at this time that the cervix starts to ripen and get ready for birth. The more you relax and get into the nesting phase of your pregnancy the more likely you are going to have positive outcomes in the birthing of your baby.

Some ideas to practise in this time:

Start (if you haven’t already) practising relaxation, focusing and breathing together with your birth partner to build trust and confidence together.

Take an Active Birth Course with your partner.

Decide what your needs are and talk openly about them with your partner. Talk to them about any fears that you have.


Walk for thirty minutes a day to prepare your body for birth.

Floating and swimming are calming and also great exercise.

Write a birth plan (include your preference list, think about what you are negotiable on, what you must have, for example skin to skin time with baby).

If you want to breastfeed then locate a breastfeeding support group. Or find a lactation nurse or consultant.

Have a massage to help relax and de-stress.

Find out the position of your baby.

Consider some alternative therapies to help relax. Choose what suits you best, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Homeopathy.

Catch up on your sleep.

Go watch that film you’ve been dying to see.

Go for dinner with your girlfriends.

Start Perineal Massage.

Build a Birth toolkit and supplies.

Start sleeping with babies blanket to get your scent on the clothes for them.

Gather your scan photos and put them in your bag ready to go to hospital with you.

More information:

If you would like to join my pregnancy yoga classes where you can stretch and relax your body and meet other women you can book online:


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