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Happy Family

Yoga in my kitchen

Since the Corona Virus shut all of the schools, like many of you, I have been getting used to my new schedule.

Síofra is now waking up at 6.30am and I’m not looking forward to what happens when the clocks spring forward at the weekend. Please don’t wake up at 5.30!!!

At first I thought I’d use the few weeks to get some of the tasks that I never get to.

Then it became apparent to me how limited my time for myself was. I had never managed to get Síofra to sleep in the cot during the day. But this week I finally triumphed. And so with that and some flexibility in my husband’s schedule I’m finally going to get back to teaching yoga.

I’ve put some times aside and some suggestions for classes up on my website.

But if these don’t suit or you need something else then please let me know. The more that I learn about how long the virus is lasting in other countries the more I think that our children are going to be staying at home with us for a few more months. So to that end I’ve scheduled classes that are 10 weeks for the kids classes. For the Baby Massage I’m sticking to the usual 5 weeks and with pregnancy yoga I’m going to stick to 8 weeks for now and let’s see how it goes.

I can see how much Síofra misses interacting with other people so I can only imagine that it is the same in other houses.

This lead me to chose an interactive way to deliver my classes. And you know what it might not work! But let’s give it a go. I’m going to try Zoom to start with. It seems to be easy to use from my experience so far. But as we go through this together I may come up with different ideas.

If you join one of my online classes then I will send you a meeting link to a software called ZOOM. It’s like a meeting conference tool. I joined a toddler yoga class this morning with the fabulous Gail from Harmony Yoga Ireland. She used the app and it was really easy. I just clicked on the link that the she sent me. In my case I used my phone. I put Google chromecast on the TV and I watched and joined in the class.

You could also use a tablet, or a computer. I imagine a TV that you could have the internet on would work. I am so old fashioned that we just have a standard digital TV.

Full disclosure… I won’t be able to help you with IT because I’m learning myself but their website is great. And let’s face it there are videos online about how to use just about everything!

How will it work?

At the beginning of the class I’ll chat with everyone. Then I’ll mute your microphones and I’ll teach the class and then at the end you guys can use the chat function if you’d like to catch up.

I’m hoping to then download the class and send it to you so that you will have it to practise if you’d like. (I just have to learn how to do that!!!) 

At the end of all this madness I am going to have a party and invite us all along to have tea and coffee and see each other in person.

I hope that works for you. As you can imagine I’m going to either be teaching from my kitchen or the garden so you might meet Síofra or Shay on camera! Or a magpie or two. Hopefully two for anyone who is superstitious.

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions. I hope to see you through my screen and on the mat.



Text: 087 2958174

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