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Enchanted Yoga YouTube Channel

As we haven’t been able to enjoy in person classes I have been creating more content for you. Since I can’t be with you in person I thought why not give you some suggestions to keep up the practise of yoga at home.

Yoga for children video content

While I’m mainly focusing on my live streamed classes so that I can interact with my students, I’m also producing simple home-made videos (from my yoga kitchen studio!!) that show you how to practise some of the parts of my longer class. So for example children can practise their ‘opposites’ which is found in the fun Sun Salutation, ‘Here I am’.

Prenatal Yoga Videos

As well as my live streamed prenatal yoga classes through Zoom which you can book at www.bookwhen.com/enchantedyoga

I have also prepared some short clips such as the below example of how to use the wall to do Hip Circles in birth.

I talk about the importance of holding on to Oxytocin and keeping adrenaline at bay. Using a wall to get your focus and get back in the zone.

For more information about my YouTube channel visit:

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