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Preparing for birth – Squats

Ina May Gaskin said that if a woman squats 300 times a day that she will manage birth easily. Interesting, but squatting is not in our culture in Ireland so I think it’s unlikely that you will manage that during your pregnancy. But if you can add it into your practise then it’s true. It’s a great pose to prepare for birth.

Benefits of a full squat:

It’s a great hip opener.

It relieves and relaxes the lower back.

It strengthens the legs.

Later in pregnancy it can help to move baby down into the birth canal so that they engage.

When to avoid practising a full squat:

Avoid a full squat if you are 34 weeks or more and you don’t know the position of your baby. Ask your care-giver at your next appointment to advise you and if baby is LOA then you can start to squat again.

If you have SPD and varicose veins avoid squats.

If a full squat is not in the range of your practise you could modify the position by sitting on a couch cushion on the floor to help you to get used to it.

Here is my home-made video…

As with any exercise before practising make sure that you have consulted your doctor or care-giver to check if it’s ok. Before practising a full squat make sure that you have warmed up, for example, by going for a walk.

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