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Calming breath for children

A great way to help children to calm themselves by using their breath is to use their hand. Using the pointer or index finger of the opposite hand trace the outline of your fingers and slowly breathe in and out.

You can make a whole activity out of it if you have the time. You could paint their hands. Create a painted hand ‘animal’ and then show them how to use their hand to calm down.

It’s a great coping tool as they can use it if they are away from you and feeling any anxiety.

Ability to self regulate is one of the great benefits of yoga for children. A regular home practise can help with this. Or you can start with a regular weekly class, to get some ideas of where to start and then practise together at home.

I offer regular online live streamed yoga classes for children which parents can attend too.

For more information on classes visit:


Or go to my booking site at www.bookwhen.com/enchantedyoga

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