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Yoga for children

What are the benefits of yoga for kids?

Children can benefit hugely from yoga.

Physically, it can enhance their flexibility, strength, coordination, and helps with body awareness.

In addition, their ability to focus, sense of calmness and relaxation improves through the breath-work and meditation practised as part of most classes.

Why go to a yoga class for kids with Elaine?

Elaine makes yoga, slowing down, self-awareness and mindfulness something fun, creative and exciting for kids.

One of the parents of Elaine’s kid’s yoga class said:

‘Elaine really makes yoga, slowing down, self-awareness and mindfulness something fun, creative and exciting for kids. And her patience is endless. Her online yoga is every bit as good as the real thing and is actually the only kids’ activity to date (early May 2020) that has successfully transitioned for us from the classroom to online post-lockdown. Good for you, Elaine! Incredibly generous with her time and unabashed in her enthusiasm for kids.’

What type of yoga does Elaine teach?

The classes that Elaine teaches focus on mainly Hatha Yoga which is physical yoga. It involves the use of breathing techniques, physical poses, partner work, games and relaxation. 

There are many proven benefits for students which include:

  • improved balance
  • improved flexibility
  • improved breathing and lung-capacity
  • the ability to self-regulate
  • enhanced physical strength and stamina
  • enhanced immune system
  • reduced stress levels
  • greater ability to focus and concentrate
  • increase body awareness and positive body image

What should my child expect from a class?

Elaine teaches yoga using games, storytelling and adventures for younger children. She helps them to burn off that energy before she gets them to calm down and relax.

For older children and for the tweens she focuses more on correct alignment and emotional wellbeing. She still uses games where she can but it’s at the right engagement level for the appropriate age group.

When are the kids yoga classes?

Elaine teaches yoga to children twice weekly. On Tuesday morning she teaches children aged 3 to 7. On Wednesday evening she teaches children 8 to 13 in a ‘getting ready for bed class’.

Where does Elaine teach?

The classes are delivered online. Elaine teaches a live streamed class so that children can interact with her. They can ask her questions at the beginning and end of class. She uses Zoom which is widely available online to download for free.

How do I book a class?

For more information on her classes visit:


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