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Mum And Baby Exercises

Fun exercises for Mum and Baby

As part of my baby massage course I always teach a different relaxation or exercise at the beginning of the class.

It’s great to ground ourselves and relax before we start massaging baby because they are like little sponges and pick up on our emotions so easily.

Often I start with a short meditation to get in the relaxed zone. But sometimes it can be great to start with something more upbeat and fun.

This is one of the exercises that I teach in class. It’s a great way to get a stretch and still have fun with your little one. It stretches out the side of your body giving you more space to breathe.

And babies love eye contact and as they get older they love to grab and play with Mummy’s hair. So give it a go.

Baby massage is a great way to relax with baby.

Baby Massage can aid digestion, help to establish a sleep pattern and assist in alleviating symptoms of colic and constipation.

Here’s an article I wrote about the benefits of baby massage:

Click here to read more.

Book a baby massage course with Elaine

I regularly teach baby massage. Normally I teach in a number of venues in Dublin. But due to the restriction put in place due to Covid 19 I decided to continue to support parents online.

I have split my five week baby massage course into two modules because of Covid19. It would be ideal if Mums could do both the online course and the in person course. But I understand that maternity leave is finite so I want you to be able to enjoy the class online and still have the option of doing it in person if it suits.

Part One: The online module of baby massage with massage stroke handbook PDF is €60.

Part Two: The in person class will be charged separately so that you have the option to attend the in person module separately for the further €60. It will have more massage strokes and also tea and coffee catch up with the other mums who attend.

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