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yoga for children breathing bubbles

Bubble breathing for kids

Bubbles are great for helping children to improve their breathing. The slower they exhale the bigger bubbles they can create.

By using something fun to play with they’re not even thinking that they are increasing their exhale. Deep breaths in and long breaths out can really help to calm children down.

I use bubbles in my family yoga classes to get children used to the idea of slowing down their exhale in a fun way. And it’s a great way to interact and play with each other.

There are many ways that bubbles can help aid development in younger children.

  • They help hand eye co-ordination when children try to pop bubbles.
  • Bubbles and pop are two similar sounds for children but by using them they can help children to practise their ‘b’ sound and their ‘p’ sound.
  • And of course as I mentioned they can help children to slow their breath as you’ll see in my video.
  • The more slowly you breathe out the bigger bubbles you can make.

Check out my video and see how big you can blow bubbles at home.

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