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Christmas Star Yoga pose

Christmas Yoga Star Stretch

If you’re looking for fun ways to get your children to start practising yoga at home, why not practise a Christmas yoga pose every day?

What time of day suits you?

Do you want it to be something that will invigorate you to get your day going?

Or to break up the day after school and before dinner?

Perhaps an alternative to screen-time before bed?

Today’s pose is Yoga Christmas Star.

Place both feet wide apart and then stretch your hands above you. Create a star with your body.

Bright fingers like a shiny bright star.

Bright smiling face like a sparkling star.

Bright invigorating deep breath in and down to your toes and a long breath out of your nose.

Now jump back to centre.

And then jump back out to be a bright star.

Can you jump in and out really fast?

And then can you move incredibly slowly and mindfully?

Time to slow down.

When you’re ready imagine that you are a star that is falling asleep.

So bring your arms in and fold yourself down into a ball on the floor.

And pretend you are a star that has fallen asleep on the ground. See how long you can stay here breathing in and out.

Try to bring your breath into your back body.

And then relax.

See you tomorrow for our next Christmas pose.

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I hope you enjoyed your Christmas yoga pose today. If you want to make one up why not get in touch with me?

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