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Yoga for children

Snowman Yoga pose

If you’re looking for fun ways to get your children to start practising yoga at home, why not practise a Christmas yoga pose every day?

Choose what time of day suits best. Do you want it to be something that will invigorate you to get your day going?

Or to break up the day…

Perhaps an alternative to screen-time before bed?

Join me every day here on Facebook. I’ll have a new pose for you to try.

Let’s have fun building a yoga snowman.

Find a quiet space. Sit down on the mat.

Bring the soles of your feet together into tailor pose.

This is the body of the snowman.

Then I want you to bring your hands over your head and clasp your hands together, like you’re an open clam.

That’s the head of the snowman.

Press your bum into the ground.

Relax your shoulder but stretch your hands into the air (even though they’re still clasped) enjoy the stretch.

Breathe in and out.

As you breathe out imagine that the snow is melting and fold your body so that your arms are resting on your open legs.

Rest here for a minute.

Then roll yourself into a little snowball on the ground. Your bum should be sitting on your heels and your forehead should be resting on your stacked fists.

Breathe in and out. Try to bring your breath into your sides and your back.

If you are a teacher you are welcome to use these poses in your classroom. Just please credit me if you are reposting my work.


I teach yoga for kids every Wednesday evening at 7.45pm. It’s a calming kids bedtime class.

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