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Why would you go to one of my classes?

Here comes the humble bragging! I love teaching children. And I know from talking to the parents about my classes the feedback that I get… that children love practising yoga with me. I make it fun and accessible for them. We use our imagination and creativity in each class, in an age appropriate way.

Why yoga?

When I practise yoga I feel great. I feel calm, and healthy. When I needed to change career I realised that I wanted to combine the things I loved into my life. I love to teach, I love supporting children. I think it’s really important to lift people up. I realised that the times in my life where I had a daily practise of yoga were the times I felt really great in myself. I’ve reached a point in my life where I want to share that with kids so that they can start to learn about their great potential.

Enchanted Yoga is:

My aim in life is to lift people, to offer support, to build confidence, to help calm and relax anyone who comes to one of my classes. Children need attention. I loves kids, their imagination, creativity and their openness.

Why I started Enchanted Yoga.

As anything that is life changing when it happens, it took a big event to make me focus on what was important. I practiced yoga for many years on and off but started a regular practice ten years ago. When my daughter was born in 2017 she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  With the diagnosis I quickly realised that I would need to change how I divided my time due to the amount of additional appointments that we needed to attend. I needed to find something that I enjoyed but that would give me the flexibility that I needed.

When my daughter, Síofra, was still a baby I went to Mum and Baby Yoga classes. They were wonderful. So relaxing and I felt supported and normal there. I met lovely other Mums and I got to forget about all the hospital appointments and everything that comes with a Down Syndrome diagnosis. The teacher mentioned that yoga would be great for Síofra when she was a little older because it would really help her core among other benefits.

That idea sat at the back of my mind for about a year and then I thought… I love yoga … why don’t I train to teach yoga and when I’m ready I can help kids to feel the benefits that I feel.’

Offering classes online is something that I have started because of Covid19 but suddenly being able to teach yoga to children in smaller towns and villages that didn’t have that opportunity before gives support. So I will continue to do that and think of how I can increase that part of my business.

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