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Elaine Walsh-McGrath is the Owner of Enchanted Yoga.

She says ‘It’s great that people want to find out more about us and why I started Enchanted Yoga.

Why I started Enchanted Yoga.

I practiced yoga for many years on and off but started a regular practice ten years ago. When my daughter was born in 2017 she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  With the diagnosis I quickly realised that I would need to change how I divided my time due to the amount of additional appointments that we needed to attend. I needed to find something that I enjoyed but that would give me the flexibility that I needed.

When my daughter, Síofra, was still a baby I went to Mum and Baby Yoga classes. They were wonderful. So relaxing and I felt supported and normal there. I met lovely other Mums and I got to forget about all the hospital appointments and everything that comes with a Down Syndrome diagnosis. The teacher mentioned that yoga would be great for Síofra when she was a little older because it would really help her core among other benefits.

That idea sat at the back of my mind for about a year and then I thought… I love yoga … why don’t I train to teach yoga and when I’m ready I can help kids to feel the benefits that I feel.’

Elaine started Enchanted Yoga to use yoga and creativity to give families tools to reduce stress in their everyday lives and promote well being.

‘When I started working with kids and yoga it was like starting a really exciting and fulfilling chapter in my life.’ Elaine explains. ‘It just made me want to find more ways to use yoga and other holistic ways to help families feel supported’.

Baby Massage

Elaine also discovered the benefit of baby massage thanks to Síofra. She went to classes with her daughter in the Down Syndrome Centre.

‘The connection it gave me, not just to Síofra, but also to other Mums was invaluable. I loved practicing baby massage. It gave me a new bond and new tools to help Síofra’s development. It made total sense to continue my training and become a Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

Finally when the opportunity to add to my training came up I had to add Prenatal yoga to how I supported families with yoga.

I now teach pregnancy yoga both at modern and comfortable studios and online.’

She offers a wide range of classes both at venues and online to help support families.

If you would like to find out more information about us please contact Elaine at:

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