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Affirmations for children

Affirmations for children

If you think we're sick of all the ups and downs at the moment, imagine how the little people who live with you feel? šŸŽ¢ Confidence can take a big hit in times of flux. So simple affirmations can be…

Yoga for children

Snowman Yoga pose

If you're looking for fun ways to get your children to start practising yoga at home, why not practise a Christmas yoga pose every day? Choose what time of day suits best. Do you want it to be something that…

Pregnancy Yoga

Guided meditation for pregnancy

I've created a guided meditation for pregnancy. It's an example of the kind of pregnancy focused meditation that IĀ use in my prenatal yoga classes.It's about 15 minutes long.It will walk you through the whole meditationā€¦ from how to focus your…

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