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Teach yoga online

Calming Online Yoga Classes for Children 7 to 12 years of age

This calming online yoga class for children is great way to calm down before bedtime. I’m taking a break at the moment from classes. Back in September.

Children learn:

  • how to breathe properly
  • how to practise a sun salutation to warm their muscles.
  • yoga poses to calm the mind and body to take time inside.
  • calm down with a creative visualisation.

I am teaching online to help us connect back with our yoga practise. To give kids tools to burn energy and to connect with themselves and feel better about their new everyday lives.

The class will be held through ZOOM so on booking you will receive a link to the ‘meeting’.
You will need to be able to watch the feed online, either on a tablet, computer or I have done it using my phone and Google Chromecast.
I recommend downloading the App in advance of the class.

Booking Details

The classes last 45 minutes between everyone joining the class and then finishing up.

Pre-booking is essential. You will need to read and agree to my waiver. Upon booking you will receive the Zoom link to the class.

I’m taking a break from classes at the moment.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the calming online yoga class for children is for the session.

So if there are three children in your family who are doing the class you just buy one ticket.

For more information contact:

Email me elaine@enchantedyoga.ie

Or visit Facebook/enchantedyogawithelaine

Or on instagram www.instagram.com/enchantedyogaforkids

Looking forward to seeing your children on the mat.

For more ideas about yoga for children, read my blog:




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