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Yoga Classes 10 To 13 Years

In my yoga classes for children aged 10 to 13, I focus on wellbeing and using yoga for stress relief, correct yoga alignment and how it benefits our body and mind.
Each week we take a different theme and build on our knowledge of the yoga poses. I teach ‘Tweens’ how the more technical positions of yoga poses, we play games and use creative visualisation to build positivity and give them tools to handle emotions and the greater level of responsibility that they are experiencing as they get older.
Structure is still important for this age group so that they can build on what they learn each week. They will learn how to breathe properly, will have fun doing a warm up game, learn yoga poses and how they can use them to help them day to day. At the end we use creative visualisation that they can use in their home practise. We’ll use affirmations to help them increase their confidence and positive self image.

The class lasts for 45 minutes

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