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Yoga Course For Children Aged 7 To 12

In my yoga course for children aged 7 to 12 I begin to introduce the idea of yoga practice and how it benefits our body and mind.


Each week of the six week course we take a different theme and build on our knowledge of the yoga poses. I use stories, games and lots of creativity to create an interesting and fun class.

Structure is still important so that the children can build on what they learn each week.

  • We start with Yoga Rules.
  • Then a breathing exercise.
  • We have fun doing a warm up game.
  • Asana (physical poses) in keeping with our theme.
  • Creative visualisation and breathing exercise.
  • Reflection about the class and what we’ve learned.

The course is held at 2.15pm in the War Memorial Hall in Terenure.

It  lasts for 45 minutes and is held each Saturday.

Please have your children ready and on the mat at 2.15pm. There is a toilet at the hall so please encourage them to have used it before we start. Get shoes and socks off and be ready to get on the mat on time.

  • The cost of the 6 week course is €55
  • There is a discount for siblings to the full course.
  • Pre-booking is essential due to the structure of the class.
  • Limited drop in class passes are available on a week to week basis.

For more information contact:

We also have our class plans and more information about classes on our Facebook page so please follow us there too:


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