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Yoga For Starting Secondary School

Yoga Workshop for starting secondary school is for children who are graduating from primary school.

This can be a difficult period for children. They move from being the most responsible age group in primary school to being at the beginning of their journey in secondary school. They are join a different school, will need to follow a different routine and will meet lots of new people. It’s a time where they introduce themselves to new classmates. It can be an anxious time for some children.

I have built workshops to introduce them to some confidence building tools. To show them how to manage stress. To help them to understand that they have all they need within them.


Details of the Yoga Workshops

I am running two workshops in Mayfield Eatery and Deli

Dates: The 7th and 14th of August
I will use Hatha Yoga. This is physical yoga, which will allow them to exercise and help them relieve stress. It will involve the use of breathing techniques, physical poses, partner work, games and relaxation.
Children will take away tools to help them build their confidence and reduce anxiety. We will use creative visualisation, exercise and scrap-booking which they can continue at home.
The cost for each ‘Yoga for starting secondary school’ workshop is €25 per child.

More information about the benefits of yoga

There are many proven benefits of yoga for students which include:
  • improved balance and improved flexibility
  • improved breathing and lung-capacity
  • the ability to self-regulate
  • enhanced physical strength and stamina
  • enhanced immune system
  • reduced stress levels
  • greater ability to focus and concentrate
  • increase body awareness and positive body image


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