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Yoga For Starting Secondary School

Yoga for starting secondary school is for children who are graduating from primary school. It’s a difficult period for children as they move from being the most responsible age group in primary school to being at the beginning of their journey in secondary school.

The four week programme gives children the tools to assist them with the stress of change.

To help children starting secondary school we will use Hatha Yoga. This is physical yoga, which will allow them to exercise and help them relieve stress. It will involve the use of breathing techniques, physical poses, partner work, games and relaxation.
There are many proven benefits of yoga for students which include:
  • improved balance and improved flexibility
  • improved breathing and lung-capacity
  • the ability to self-regulate
  • enhanced physical strength and stamina
  • enhanced immune system
  • reduced stress levels
  • greater ability to focus and concentrate
  • increase body awareness and positive body image

The classes will run for four weeks.

The cost for the programme is €80

For more details please contact:

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