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Yoga In Schools

Yoga in School can help improve children’s self esteem.  To cope with the strains of technology in their every day life. It teaches them about balance. It allows them to have quiet time inside.

Yoga practise is renowned as a good way to relieve stress, anxiety and to improve mental health.

Elaine says ‘I have seen children first hand in my class change from being anxious (sore tummy with no pain) to bouncing happily out the door.’

Yoga is also great exercise for children. In today’s world where we have to make a concerted effort to make sure that they get at least 60 minutes of activity that is important.

Elaine Walsh-McGrath is a qualified yoga for children teacher. She practises Hatha yoga and amends her classes to fit the needs of her students. She teaches at Montessori, After School classes and Saturday classes. She has experience in teaching children aged from 2 through to 12 years of age.

For schools she provides a service of coming into the school and delivering a tailor made class. For Mental Health Week she will talk about any issues that the teaching staff are covering. If there is a subject that needs to be underlined with yoga she can tailor the class to meet that need. For example a class on Geography could cover yoga poses on nature, mountains, different languages.

Please contact Elaine for further information and to check her availability. She is currently teaching in Harold’s Cross National School and is booking her autumn schedule for schools.


Phone: 087 2958174

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