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Live Streamed Yoga Classes

Elaine teaches online yoga classes so that you can practise from the comfort and safety of your own home with the support of a teacher. She provides yoga for children and prenatal yoga through Zoom. This means that she can guide you through each pose to make sure that your posture is safe and correct.

Yoga Classes for children

Elaine teaches online yoga classes for children twice weekly. On Tuesday morning she teaches children aged 3 to 7. She uses games and stories to teach the different poses and to help them to relax. On Wednesday evening Elaine teaches children age 8 to 12. The class focuses on feelings and empowering children of this age.

Pregnancy Yoga

Elaine teaches online prenatal yoga classes every Saturday morning online. Pregnancy Yoga or Prenatal Yoga is a fantastic way to prepare your body and mind for birth and motherhood. The classes are live streamed through Zoom so that Elaine can give feedback on posture and share tips that are relevant to the class that she teaches in realtime.

Online Baby Massage

Online Baby Massage. Elaine normally teaches baby massage in person but is currently teaching an online  baby massage course recognised by the IAIM through Zoom. The course has been specially put together by the founder of IAIM so that new parents can learn the power of nurturing touch in the comfort and safety of their own home.


Elaine also offers different ways to support her students online. She records a podcast for children to help them relax. It’s available where-ever you listen to your podcasts and it’s called Relax with Enchanted Yoga. On it she records the meditations that she regularly uses in her classes so that children (and their parents) can listen to them and relax.

YouTube and staying in touch

Elaine also has a YouTube channel where she saves a copy of the live recorded classes so that families can practise them again. She also does regular videos to give families tips and tricks to help families tackle the problems of daily life through yoga and creativity so watch this space… sign up to our newsletter to stay in touch and get extra free stuff.

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