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Schools & Preschools

Check with your local school or preschool about Enchanted Yoga classes. I teach students during the day in the South Dublin City area.

After School Classes

I run after school classes for three different age groups, 4 to 6s, 7 to 9s and 10 to 12s. Classes run in local halls in the Terenure area.


Elaine runs stress management courses and workshops that give families the tools to diffuse the tension and anxiety in daily life.

Yoga Camps

During the holidays I run fun Yoga camps that include yoga games, arts and crafts, creative thinking and relaxation to switch those busy minds off.

Changing times

Moving from primary to secondary school is a daunting time for both children and parents. I provide calming yoga courses targeted at this particular life stage.

Coming soon...

I am always developing new ways to help children and parents to tackle the problems of daily life through yoga and creativity so watch this space…

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